Saturday June 22, 2019

Welcome Address from members of the collective
9am-9:20am (PST)|12pm-12:20pm (EST)

Panel 1: Gender Expectations and Instability
9:25am-10:40am (PST)|12:25pm-1:35pm (EST)

Izzy Levy: “‘Where the Rift Is, The Break Is’ Persephone in Drag: A Non-Binary Reading”

Kenneth Kim: “Quid sis nata vide: Ovid’s repeated question of gender image and identity”

Yurie Hong: “Between Appreciation and Complicity: A Korean-American Take on the Homeric Hymn to Demeter, Arranged Marriage, and Women’s Honor”

Panel 2: Classical Reception(s)
10:45am-12pm (PST)|1:45pm-3pm (EST)

Elyanna Choi: “Orientalism in the Ancient World: the Persians in Classical and Hellenistic Greek Thought and Art”

Mariana Pini: “The Philosopher King is Naked!: Denouncing Reactionary Interpretation of Ancient Sources of Contemporary Brazilian Far-right”

Samuel Powell: “The Tragedy of Misunderstanding”

Lunch (with breakout session) and
Introduction to the Asian and Asian American Classical Caucus
12pm-1:35pm (PST)| 3pm-4:35pm (EST)

Panel 3: Marginalization in Antiquity
1:45pm-3pm (PST)|4:45pm-6pm (EST)

Mason Shrader: “In the Hands of the God or in the Depths of a Well? Examining the Evolution of Disability in the Ancient Mediterranean Basin”

Briana Grenert: “God’s Elect: Chastity and the Other in Ephrem’s Reading of Genesis 6:1-8”

Wynter Pohlenz Telles Douglas: “Imprisonment and the Body: A Corporal Investigation of Athenian Social Status within the Athenian Structure of Imprisonment”

Final Breakout Session
3:10pm-3:40pm (PST)|6:10pm-6:40pm (EST)

Closing Thoughts
3:40pm-4:00pm (PST)|6:40pm-7:00pm (EST)