Harassment Policy

An online conference can leave attendees especially vulnerable to cyberbullying and harassment. Our conference aims to create a safe space for all attendees by strictly prohibiting any type of discrimination based upon gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, age, physical ability, and religion. We want to give everyone a voice and do not wish to censor participants, but out of concern for everyone’s safety and well-being, any report of harassment will result in the perpetrator’s swift removal from the meeting and the banning from potential future conferences. By harassment we refer to sexual harassment or unwanted advances or comments, bullying, sabotaging someone’s work, ridiculing them, and so forth.

Should any such incident of harassment or bullying arise, participants should contact Kiran or Nykki directly through private chat or the Sportula email account (libertinopatrenatus@gmail.com). We will keep this report anonymous, and remove the perpetrator from our meeting.

By participating in this conference, attendees consent to this policy. Our conference talks and breakout sessions will will involve serious discussion of sensitive issues. We hope that everyone will attend with an open mind and respect for all attendees.