Conference Presentations

“‘Where the Rift Is, The Break Is’ Persephone in Drag: A Non-Binary Reading”
by Izzy Levy
[CW: Sexual Assault Mention]

Accompanying video – drag performance by Ash Blight

“Between Appreciation and Complicity: A Korean-American Take on the Homeric Hymn to Demeter, Arranged Marriage, and Women’s Honor”
By Yurie Hong

“Orientalism in the Ancient World: the Persians in Classical and Hellenistic Greek Thought and Art” 
by Elyanna Choi

“The Tragedy of Misunderstanding”
by Samuel Powell

An Introduction to the Asian and Asian American Classical Caucus
With Christopher Waldo

 “God’s Elect: Chastity and the Other in Ephrem’s Reading of Genesis 6:1-8”
By Briana Grenert

“Imprisonment and the Body: A Corporal Investigation of Athenian Social Status within the Athenian Structure of Imprisonment”
By Wynter Pohlenz Telles Douglas