Join us on Zoom on June 22nd (9am-4pm PST) as we showcase the scholarship and artistry of scholars of color and working-class scholars. Our talks focus on the misappropriation of Classics, the instability and expectations of gender, and the experience of marginalized groups both in antiquity and modern day.

In addition to conference papers, there will be opportunities for attendees to network with each other in breakout groups that center on issues faced by scholars of color and other marginalized groups within academia.

Even though this is an online conference and you are free to attend in the comfort of your own home and pjs, we especially encourage you to get together with your cohort/colleges/friends in Classics and host viewing parties! We’ll be discussing some heavy issues and want to make sure that you’re supported/ can support one another.

Banner image: Fred Wilson’s “Grey Area,” part of the “Re-Claiming Egypt” installation of the 1993 Whitney Biennial.
Just like Wilson’s piece, we aim to create an open-ended discussion of race and ethnicity that looks towards the ancient world and its influence on our modern perceptions.